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World footwear industry development status and consumer market overview
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From a global point of view, the major powers of the world footwear mainly China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, Europe, Asia, Italy, Spain and Portugal, as well as South America, Brazil. 3-4 million existing global footwear enterprise employing a total of nearly 10 million people, the footwear and shoes, shoes and other related industries. China is the world's largest shoe producing and exporting country. In recent years, China's annual production of a variety of more than 10 billion pairs of shoes, accounting for 66% of the total global footwear, is the world's largest footwear manufacturing base, the world's largest exporter of footwear. In 2006, China's footwear exports amounted to 7.65 billion pairs, the total export value of 21.81 billion U.S. dollars, exports accounted for more than 53% of the total world exports. India is the world's second largest footwear producing countries after China. India's current annual production capacity of shoes about two billion pairs, about 4,000 footwear and related enterprises, of which about 500 large enterprises and 3,500 small and medium enterprises. SME's production accounts for about 60% to 65% of footwear production in India; Large companies generally provide high-quality products, the main processing for international brands. Brazil is the world's third-largest producer of shoes, shoes quality and price in the world, occupies an important share of Brazil 7200 shoe-making enterprises, employing about 30 million, with an annual output of 700 million pairs of shoes, the annual export of shoes in about 180 million pairs. Vietnam is the world's fourth largest footwear country, about 400 shoe-making enterprises, employing about 50 people. Vietnam is now an annual output of 400 - 600 million pairs of shoes, 90% of exports. In 2006, Vietnam's footwear export value of $ 3.55 billion; footwear exports totaling $ 3.2 billion in January-October 2007, an increase of 9.9% in Italy is in Europe and even the world's most important veteran shoe big country, the current annual producing approximately more than 200 million pairs of shoes, 51% of the product positioning in the high-end market. Italy there are three areas the production of high-end shoes, the first one is San Mauro Pascoli, a total of 270 companies, with an annual output of 15 million pairs of shoes. The second is Rivieradel Brenta, nearly 1,000 enterprises, mainly the production of high-end women's shoes. The third one is the the Ma Kai Province Fil ink and Macerata, about 3300, the total sales volume reached 10 billion euros, about 60% of the products are exported to foreign countries.
Spain is the second largest footwear producing countries in the EU countries. The country's annual output of about 100 million pairs, due to the competition of the Asian countries and Latin American countries, the Spanish footwear revolutionized the business strategy. Today, their product positioning has been shifted from mainly to mid-range design projects, high-quality high-end products. Spain the shoe already by low-cost production center turned to one of the world's end and high-end footwear producer. Portugal is also the European footwear producing countries. 2003 1900 shoe-making enterprises, the annual output of 91.8 million pairs, has been decreasing in recent years. The majority of the Portuguese shoe factory mainly for shoes manufactured in Italy and other countries, the main products are middle and low. With the increased competition of the international market as well as the transfer of industry, the Portuguese footwear industry through a period of bad times to start repositioning towards the road mainly in the high-end products, advocating self-design, to create its own brand, to develop the international market . Footwear consumer market, global footwear product consumer market focused on two types of regions, a class is economically developed countries and regions, such as the United States, European Union, Japan, Canada, and the other is a populous country and regions such as China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. According to international statistics show that, after entering the 21st century, the world's first 10 years of footwear consuming nations were: China (2.257 billion pairs), the U.S. (2.133 billion pairs), India (2.009 billion pairs), Japan (620 million pairs ), Brazil (552 million pairs), Indonesia (480 million pairs), France (330 million pairs), Germany (324 million pairs), United Kingdom (278 million pairs), Pakistan (230 million pairs). In the above-mentioned countries, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries the population is large consumer market has huge shoes products, but at the same time these countries have a lot of shoe-making enterprises, their products can meet most of the domestic demand, not external product demand large. With the economic development of these countries, the continuous improvement of people's standard of living, spending power and the growing awareness of, great shoes Product growth of the consumer market space, these countries will be the shoes product consumption the most potential market, but also footwear products export most potential target market.

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